Author name: Douglas Chamley

My life is like many others who set off in search of who they are and what they are suppose to do. I have settled on who I am ... I am a God Follower. I look for where God is and follow Him wherever he is going. I have also settled the question of what I am supposed to do ... I look to see what God is doing and do that also. I don't think of myself as what job I perform or a certain career I have. I serve God in whatever vocation I am involved in. It may seem too simplified but it is the most fulfilling adventure anyone could ever hope for. It works for me. When I take my eyes off of God and look to see what others are doing, I get lost in the business & distraction of the world around me. But when I follow Him and do what he does, I am filled with joy, contentment and hope. "Do the things for others you would like for them to do for you", is the best advice I can pass along to others. Love God and Love your neighbor (others) is the two things He has asked us to do. When we do those we are fit for service in His Kingdom.

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